Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Updates on Residue and Promo Code

Smashwords is where the gold at and if you use this code: PR79E, you've got yourself a free download of Resolution. It's only good through July 16.

Now for an update on Residue. By 13,000 words Nobel has already visited two crime scenes which involve a total of 16 dead people between the two of them and what appears to be a hitman's signature. In the mean time Rez is flipping snitches to figure out who the players are in an increasing meth problem so that he can put the hurt down. Nobel is caught dealing with left over effects of the Falck scandal from Resolution and seems to be wearing a little thin because of it. This is leaving Rez hanging in the breeze and stuck with more dirty work, which he doesn't appreciate much as it starts to get in the way of what Zeke calls his mission.

All in all I feel really good about Residue and the story itself. I was reading Resolution yesterday and I feel like it doesn't get good direction until you get past chapter five. I doubt that will help make anyone want to read it. However, I feel like Resolution helped me create my characters and built a foundation for the series. I have this notion in the back of my head that maybe there will be a Resolution 2.0 but like with any creative outlet, I feel that it's better to move forward than to look back. I suppose there is a time and place for looking back but if I am growing as a writer or an artist then looking back I should ALWAYS be able to find ways to improve past works right? Therefore if I am growing then everything I do can be improved and I would never get out of the past to move forward. This is how I see it anyway. I hope by showing my readers that I am working hard to make something better the next time and something better than that the time after, I will do more for you all than I would going back to old work and trying to "fix" it.

One more thing, and I have no idea how I didn't think of this before. I wanted to give my readers some exclusive content on Facebook by creating art for the Rez series and posting it there only. That's great (I think?) but at this point, I don't have many fans and I've got artwork that no one is seeing. I use other venues for my art and illustration where lots of people would have seen it and so I have this conflict; post where people will see my work, or not. Then I realized that I could easily do variants of the guns and things which would allow me to post different images in different places, but also offer just a little bit MORE. What a really obvious idea that I hadn't thought of until today. Actually someone suggested something to this effect and I just applied my own interpretation, so it wasn't even my idea. At any rate, I'm thinking that's what I'll do. I can post variants here, and other places, while still having an exclusive image for Facebook. BTW, you can visit my Facebook page to see the first image I've done. It's not really the first since I did the cover for Resolution, but whatever.