Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rez's Arsenal: Teaser AK

In Residue Rez will be working a new piece of kit (as always) and I have been wanting to get it drawn for quite awhile now. I seriously considered buying an AK variant of some kind myself not long ago and have been on an AK kick of sorts ever since. Of course, those kinds of obsessions always find a way into my writing somehow. I suppose most authors live vicariously through their characters. In Residue things start to get a little bit ugly and Rez grows impatient waiting for results that don't seem to be coming. Going on the offensive is a technique that always seems to be waiting patiently at the top of Rez's tool box, understanding of his socially prudent approaches, but ready when the stick is deemed more appropriate than the carrot.

So I offer this teaser. Like everything I do, it is two projects in one, or three, or four, so somethings need changing. This line art was based on the 5.56 variant as you can tell by the magazine. Rez will be using the classic 7.62 in the book so I'll be changing the mag and throwing in a few other details specific to the weapon Rez uses. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Resolution is FREE again!

Two minutes before writing this post I changed the price of Resolution on Smashwords to FREE. I think that Amazon will price match, so if you use a Kindle or Kindle app, just keep an eye on it for a few days. Resolution is available from iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Smashwords of course, and others. It might take a couple days but get yourself a copy while this free promo period is going on and tell your friends.

Update on Residue! Still writing furiously to get it out in 2012 and some interesting developments have surfaced as the story matures. We're getting to see just the beginning of Rez's secret life unraveling as the situation from Resolution gets deeper and the problems more complex. New characters are showing up with connections to Falck, the cop Rez killed in Resolution, and the web expands just a little further.

Artwork for you guys. I have been drawing like mad for another project recently, but there is some overlap with this writing project, so you should be able to expect another one of Rez's guns pretty soon. I know which one I'd like to work on for sure.