Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rez's Arsenal: Remington 870

close quarters shotguns, custom 870 pump door breacher ghost ring sights Rez Resolution Residue
The 870s near completion
Yesterday I was busy working at this pair of Remington 870s seen in the book Resolution and soon to be seen in Residue. I've got them done but there is just a little more tweaking left to do, as I want to make at least one of them look worn and well used. At this point they look shiny and new, and they are just to give my readers a visual, either for those less versed in the way of the gun, or for those who are; something fun to look at. I use very simple Photoshop techniques to accomplish these drawings and don't intend for them to be masterpieces, but they take only a few hours to complete at the most and are fun little projects. A little copy/paste for the tan version on top, a little Photoshop magic with filters for the texture and done. I'll update this post with the final product later.
The final product with a little wear on the shorty.


  1. That's really awesome that it only takes you a few hours to draw those guns. They seem very detailed especially the part at the end of the barrel.

  2. It makes drawing them a little more fun when they don't take so long, but I suppose it's all in the technique! Thanks B!