Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rez's Kalashnikov from Residue

I will be posting an alternate version on facebook once I get it done so keep an eye out for that. As Rez decides to go on the offensive toward the second half of the book, he needs a CQB monster and something like this would fit the bill nicely. I'm not sure this is the coloration he might choose, but it looks cool and of course the alternate version is likely going to have something different all together. I like the idea that you guys get to see some cool artwork associated with my writing and get a visual of Rez's kit, if anything just to get your mind in the right place for reading. But also readers who are less familiar with all the guns will have something to look at and picture when reading. So the beauty of having alternate versions of the art is that what you picture in your mind is really up to you. There are a few specific things that I will describe in the book that are necessary for the situation, but the rest is left to your imagination and you can picture the gun's exact details the way you like them. It's great to see that the Kalashnikov (AK and all of its many variants) is getting some attention from the aftermarket and has the support to be outfitted as you see here. Not everyone will love the modernized AK and I can understand the sentiment, but to me this still represents a fighting gun which in the end is what the AK was always meant to be.

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