Saturday, June 9, 2012

Author Type Ramblings

You know, I just started this blog and I am fairly certain no one is watching, but I think all people need an outlet for different things and particular aspects of our lives dictate what sort of outlet is needed. I wanted to write about my book, so that's just what I'll do. I had very low expectations coming into this world of ebooks. I don't know if ebooks are going to keep escapist reading alive or if it's already a dwindling past time. I just can't really tell. I know ebooks give some people pause and they wonder what impact it will have on books. I don't think books are so much the problem as reading itself. Of course reading isn't going anywhere, I hope. I think we'll always use written language. But more and more people seem to want to see and hear and maybe read their entertainment. I know I do. I have no subscription to any television at my house. TV offers me personally, almost nothing of interest. Sure, there have been great shows, The Shield comes to mind right away. I've enjoyed, even more than feature films, a large handful of television programs. Fringe, Spartacus, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, and what Heroes COULD have been, all sit on that list for me. But given that TV seems to be quantity over quality, I would say the titles I have enjoyed, compared to what exists and what is absolute trash, is but a paltry fraction of a percent. I did, however, have to concede the other day that I am addicted to Youtube. And I realized why. Youtube is what TV should be. I can go to Youtube and learn, be entertained, laugh, essentially get instantly the kind of programming I'm actually interested in without being advertised to ruthlessly. I get so much more pure content that regardless of "production value" I feel I get more ACTUAL value. And it provides opportunities to creative people, who actually understand what viewers are interested in, to share their visions. It's brilliant.

And books don't have to be all that much different. Sort of like comic books. Pure content in a cheap, little, high value package. I have always wanted my books to be short-ish. I know the feeling when the ride ends but you want it to continue. I have no idea if I provide that or not but I strive to write pure content at a length that is both a full ride but not intimidatingly long. I hadn't put this together until recently, but I think it helps give my writing another bit of focus.

So what's going on in the world of Rez? Well, I've written 9,000 words of the rough draft, but have been spending a lot of my time on the outline and the hand written draft. I write with a Zebra mechanical and a good ole composition book and I doubt that will ever change. Right now the after effects of the Falck scandal from Resolution are still haunting Nobel and new problems are showing their ugly heads as some microscope jockeys in the forensics lab seem to be on a mission to find the gun responsible for launching the round that took Falck's life and the person who pulled the trigger. Nobel knows that the one person still living who may be able to provide any clue at all is Rontay and he wants Rez to think of a violent way of solving that little problem. But, Rez knows that if Rontay ends up a corpse it is evidence to the lab monkeys that they're mission impossible is legitimate. A consultant with the right connections has his fingers in the mix and though his motives are unclear, it's perfectly obvious that he sees and angle worth exploiting for his own personal gain, or the gain of someone with fingers on the strings of the local political structure.

And that's just the dirty business from Resolution. Winston has put a local meth operation on the front burner for Rez and a drug war  races to the verge of going nuclear thanks to the gun handling skills of what appears to be a hitman. As the risk ramps up beyond the capabilities of a single person, Rez finds himself working the fringe until Winston lets him off the leash to get done what needs doing.

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