Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time to get started

As I begin the process of writing book two in my Rez series, and after discovering Smashwords, AND starting an author page on Facebook, a blog seemed like a logical next step. One of the main functions of this blog is going to be a place where readers can find short excerpts from Residue (book 2) as I write it. I think that I'll use Facebook to share images and update the progress of each book as I write them but blogs are a fun way to offer more content and really a place for me to talk about my writing and my characters. I think it might be kinda cool to have a chance to get in the heads of authors I like and if I should accumulate a fan base, perhaps they would feel the same way. I can talk about my process and where I think my characters are going and at the end of the day it could be a sort of virtual note book.

For now you can find Resolution: Events In The Life Of A Man Called Rez at Amazon at this link. And I hope you will eventually find a good reason to like me on Facebook - about the time I start posting some cool pictures and the book gets closer to being published, right? I'm just getting things rolling so be patient. I figure it's never too soon to start!

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