Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get Yourself a Free Download of Resolution

Here's how that sweet action is gonna work. You like my Facebook page, or watch this blog, or offer to write a review and you gonna get yourself a free download boys and girls. What you needs to do is leave a post right here telling me that so-and-so just liked you on the Facebook and how I can contact you (which will probably be obvious since we're talking about Facebook and Google ... but whatever) and I'll get you a promo code to use at Smashwords. Here is where you go to get my Smashwords edition of Resolution. One last important note. The code is only good until July 16, 2012. Hustle up!

Wanted to also throw in a little something about Ask You will find their logo down below on the right and there is a reason I've put it on my page. David sent me an invite to his site and I learned that he is in the business of helping authors get some exposure. Seemed cool to me so I stopped by his site and sent in my information. Now, people can go to and leave reviews and he likes to have unique content for the stuff he includes there. I gather that he, or someone on his crew, actually goes through the books that get listed, so he puts a lot of time and effort into his creation. If you want to write a review just let me know and I'll get you a Smashwords code.

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